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My name is Mike [Ly], and I'm a student with a passion for designing and developing web apps. I study Computer Science and Mathematics at Emory University. During my free time, I enjoy video-games, soccer, and rock-climbing. Feel free to look around!

What I'm doing

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Emory University

Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Bachelor of Science, Mathematics

Expected May 2018

Atlanta, GA

I came to Emory planning to study medicine. However, I took CS170: Introduction to Computer Science out of curiosity during my first semester, and have been in love with programming ever since. Challenging professors have encouraged me to push my boundaries both in and outside of the classroom, and have taught me to truly love learning. Warm and welcoming communities have helped me make lifelong friends, and have created a true home for me on the other side of the country. I can't thank Emory enough for continually inspiring me to grow as a person, and provinding me with invaluable opportunities to test my limits.

Grady Health System

Research Assistant

Since August 2018

Atlanta, GA

I have recently started working with Dr. Nguyen at Grady Health System. I'm currently developing an ETL pipeline and virus mutation classification for HIV patient data, and exploring geographic classification to predict antibiotic resistance before genotype analysis. The goal of my work is to shed more light on the virus within a patient quickly and using less information.

Emory University

Research Assistant

Since December 2017

Atlanta, GA

I am currently working in Professor Fossati's Enhancled Learning and Instructional Technologies lab to conduct research in various topics. Last year, I worked on a computational finance project to classify loan results based on borrower backgrounds provided by the LendingClub platform.

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What I've done

Experiences that mean the world to me


Software Engineering Intern

May 2018 - August 2018

Redwood City, CA

Working alongside amazing engineers in the Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services team allowed me to finally take a glimpse into the professional world. Everyone I spoke to was eager to share their knowledge with me, from architecture and frameworks to culture and nearby restaurants. My managers didn't hesitate to propose impactful projects, allowing me to make a true difference with my work. The freedom I was given to design and develop my projects imbued me with a newfound sense of programming confidence, which helps drive me to this day.



Cofounder / Front-end developer

January 2017 - May 2018

Atlanta, GA

I worked in a team of three to develop a website aggregating local companies, and connect them to customers using messaging, reviews, and objective information. At the time we started development in May 2017, none of us had much experience with websites. But through persistent learning and technical hurdles, each member of the team become increasingly more proficient in their work. Striving toward a common goal, we were able to create a fully functional web app listing thousands of Atlanta companies.

FetchMi made me realize two things. First, that I had the ability make something that could benefit the lives of others; and second, that I loved making web apps.

Emory University

CS170 Teaching Assistant

August 2017 - December 2017

Atlanta, GA

Introduction to Computer Science was the course that made me decide to set my sights on computer science, so I felt obliged to return as a teaching assistant — maybe I could do the same for others! I helped students master Java and OOP fundamentals and challenged them test their limits outside of the classroom.



Full-stack developer

Started May 2018

Flash Food

Front-end developer

Started December 2017

This website

Front-end developer

Started November 2017

For funsies

Tic-Tac-Toe bot

Created November 2017

I made this Tic-Tac-Toe bot using the Minimax algorithm. Try to beat it!

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